About Me

Who am I?

I grew up in Jackson, Wyoming where my mother’s family had homesteaded way back when. I learned to ski both Alpine and Cross Country in high school. I’ve always loved art, all kinds of art. I learned pottery and silversmithing while in High School from programs in the local artist’s guild.  

I have lived in Utah, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii and Arizona.  I love the Rocky Mountains, especially the Tetons and I loved Hawaii.

I started my graphic design career in the newspaper industry as a pasteup artist for editorial. I then moved to the art department where I trained with a world class art director who had grown tired of the fast paced life and chose to live in the resort community of Jackson, Wyoming. From there I moved to an agency and was responsible for the production art for many different print materials. 

I then returned to the award winning newspaper as their art director where I supervised a staff of three. Together we created all advertising for the weekly paper, special sections, twice annual visitors magazine and special projects.

From there I moved to Jackson’s oldest and largest Real Estate company employed as their marketing coordinator. I implemented their marketing plan and single handedly created all  advertising, flyers, catalogs, postcards and booklets for 40 realtors promoting multi-million dollar properties. After 4 years I started my own graphic and web design business where I attracted a diverse variety of clients with many different projects.

I later moved to Taos, NM where I started up a quarterly wholistic health magazine, in addition to working freelance design jobs. My experience has been mostly in resort communities, however I also had a few friends who authored several books. This is where my love for book formatting took root. Books are my favorite projects – especially books with illustrations and photos that I can work to enhance.

I understand marketing from both the consumer and the business perspectives, and I use this expertise to promote my clients with advertising collateral that attracts attention. For visual galleries see my portfolio topic pages.

I would love to put my skills to work for you.

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