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I have experience using three platforms: WordPress, Shopify & Wix.

All of these platforms offer e-commerce. One reason I like WordPress is because of the versatility, and the multitude of features made possible by many contributing developers.

WordPress, Shopify and Wix all offer simple content management, text and photo edits can easily made by clients with a minimal learning curve, or I am happy to assist with maintenance as needed. The internet is constantly evolving – Technical updates are made by developers on a regular basis, and are usually free of charge.

Numerous plugins add all kinds of features and functionality from slideshows, to video, to secure e-commerce, calendars with scheduling, SEO (search engine optimization), and a lot more.

Ongoing Website Maintenance:

I can keep your site up to date, or  you can learn to do it yourself—plugins need to be updated, page content may need to change over time,  additional photos, videos or  products (e-commerce) may need to be added.

I include basic SEO to help your website appear in search rankings with the following important elements:

  • search engine description
  • headlines that utilize keywords and correct tags
  • page text/information matching keywords
  • page titles to match your keywords
  • photo names and alt tags using keywords
  • incoming and outgoing links to other

Contact me to discuss your needs: 
303 . 704 . 5015, I am happy to give you an estimate. 

Website Portfolio

Shopify Experience:

From 2016 to 2019 I managed a Shopify e-commerce store performing in the top 10% of Shopify stores created that year.

My part: 

Added all new products to the website collections including photo enhancements, videos, I proof read and edited descriptions, made product variables, and input manual shipping rates. I did the search engine optimization, added new pages and menu items, and edited the theme. The company’s gross annual sales was $200k when I started and grew to nearly $1m in sales by the time I left 2.5 years later.

  • I implemented and promoted customer reviews (this was a real turning point – I noticed sales and customers increase dramatically when reviews began to grow)
  • I formatted weekly email newsletters & product promotions via Constant Contact. We doubled out email list from 5k to 10k as well.
  • I created posters representing product lines for trade show venues
  • I produced product packaging for new products
  • Product labels – Produced multiple product identifier labels
  • Swag – Design and produce art for magnets, stickers
  • Company business cards and 4×9 rack card listing most popular inventory
  • Design and produce 4-color print ready art for 24-page catalog with entire company inventory
  • I created and managed a Google Adwords account with a budget and generated keywords directing thousands of new visitors to our Shopify website.
  • I created and managed Pinterest store – with the product line
  • Manage eBay online store – product additions and ongoing edits
  • Created and posted to Instagram account with a goal of 3 to 5 posts per week