Words About WordPress

WordPress is a free platform initially developed to build blogs. It is popular nowadays as a simple and efficient content management system for websites. We prefer WordPress because there are a wide variety of customizable design themes available as starting points. They can be dynamic and more interactive than traditional websites, and there are many different value rich features available via plug-ins.


  • Open source: WP has many talented programmers openly sharing their code, saving development time and costs
  • Simplicity: Simple to install and simple to operate – which means there’s rarely a need for high-level programming
  • SEO friendly: A number of plugins can be installed to achieve good SEO results
  • Convenience: The admin interface is convenient and friendly, especially towards non-professionals
  • Evolution: Start from the basic needs of the project and add additional categories, pages, and features when needed
  • Price: The most significant advantage of WordPress is high value for low cost
  • Popular for content management


  • Open Source: This can work for or against the user. Since all the code is available online, it’s easy for hackers to find security holes. Hill and Hughes researches and uses only highly rated, tried and true plugins to ensure security.
  • Updates: Keeping on top of updates is critical to close security holes that can pop up over time.
  • Quality: It’s easy to build a run-of-the-mill, non-distinct, or even bad WordPress site.
    Graphic design professionals know how to make pages more readable, as well as efficient and pleasing to the eye so that clients and customers come away with a good experience. Often times a designer can improve your site immeasurably, and working hand-in-hand with developers they can come up with custom solutions to problems that off-the-shelf plugins might not address.

To sum it all up there are various advantages and disadvantages with WordPress as with many other platforms. We think it’s a good choice for small businesses with a low to medium budget, though even high budgets can take full advantage of WordPress.